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You Must Know This

As the world spirals out of control, major Democratic cities fall into total disrepair, floods kill people and destroy lives, and drought kills others. The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the middle class is disappearing. New Billionaires are being made daily by the dozens, while we watch hunger spread around the world, and wonder why God is beginning to pour out His wrath. We see billionaires buying up farmland and forcing the average farmer out of business and then letting the land set idle as the world goes headlong into a food crisis as floods and droughts destroy some of the most productive farmland around the world. TV preachers and evangelists are buying new summer homes and larger and faster private jets. While ministry like this one and many others have their hands out for some crumbs from the tables that overflow with wealth.

While multi-million dollar churches spend more money for the flowers in front of the pulpit than they spend on the hungry within shouting distance from the church much less understand the importance of Israel in these end times. Hirelings (not pastors) with degrees in theology and religion who have never met the person of Yeshua HaMashich (Jesus the Holy One of Israel) and without that personal relationship with Yeshua they will not be able to understand the glory of knowing the will of God in their lives. And woe unto them the day they stand in front of God Almighty.

Christianity is under attack by the New World Order-controlled media and worldly churches, those who have sold their souls to the Devil. The crime that has gripped our cities and neighborhoods brings fear and uncertainty into our lives and has become epidemic. Here in Israel, the Islamic hate-filled terrorists are killing the Jews because their Devil’s Koran demands they kill Jews. In the USA it is mostly crime on the streets, the economy, inflation, and corrupt politicians. The biggest proof is sitting in the Oval Office, bought and paid for by communist and anti-God China.

But around the world we are watching the stage being set for Isa 38: we see Russia, Turkey, Iran the others joining forces as the war in Ukraine brings us into a nuclear war that no one could possibly win. I could have filled this article with many Scriptures but I would be preaching to the choir.

This ministry has been in Israel for more than 40 years. We have never bought a home or had a savings account in the bank, we have a checking account that is used to pay our bills that’s nearly empty today. We truly live on faith and will continue knowing that God does nothing apart from faith. The majority of support that has come in has gone for boats, travel setting up emergency communications and contacts around the Eastern Mediterranean to save Jewish lives when or soon after the war breaks out, and that now could be at any moment. God has shown Connie, Joel, Ola, and me that now we need to put the knowledge acquired to better use and share and coordinate with the many other boat owners in Israel and elsewhere who have boats and want to be part of the rescuing European Jews in the fulfillment of God’s Word. Then we have many more boats and crews ready to take part they only need to information we can give them. The majority of them will need the information of emergency communications with a trusted person and some help with extra safety equipment, and a lot of courage and our prayers we hope to give them what they need and that “we” I speak of are the ones who God has called to bless Israel by way of this ministry.

A couple of years ago God spoke to Joel and told him it was time for us to begin feeding the needy and be ready to have food for the new arrivals. We have increased the food ministry, but our big concern is that we are now struggling to continue every week with the boxes of food. Many other things are needing our attention along with the need to expand the food ministry to hungry Jewish children.

Brothers and sisters, we are fully aware of the conditions you are living in and the major concerns you have and God’s Word clearly says you must first take care of your family and loved ones. (1-Tim. 5:8).

We have come to the place where we must consider cutting back on feeding the kids or paying our rent, not a good place for us to be, here is where faith has to be part of our decisions, yours and ours. Please pray for so much depends on it.

Joel and Ola have a YouTube Channel well not too new now it’s going on the second year, and I want to ask you to check it out, you will be blessed, he has worked very hard to make it as professional as possible. And be sure to like and subscribe it is very important if we can get the numbers up they will begin sending us a little money. The only other way is to pay for advertisements with YouTube, and we can’t afford that.

If I have to say we need your reply soon, then I have wasted my time writing this article.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for Joel and all the IDF soldiers, at the time of writing this article he has been called up again. Pray for Joel and his soldiers.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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