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Prayer Request

This is my favorite part of the Website, for many years I have been praying at the Western Wall.

If you have read my Statement of Faith on this site, you know I believe that God can hear and answer a prayer regardless of where you may be.

But the Western Wall is a very special place for us Jews. And when one reads the Word of God they find it is a special place for God as well.


Just over the past several years, there have been marriages restored, family members saved, physical and financial healing as well.


I go there nearly every week and pray. Call it my closet if you will.


As I travel around Israel in ministry I find no other place where I feel the presence of the Ruach Ha Kodesh as strongly (The Holy Spirit) as I do at the Western Wall, it is a very special place with God.


If you send me your prayer request, I will print it out and take it with me to the Wall, place it in the cracks and pray over them for you.


It is also interesting to know what happens after that. At the end of each month, the Rabbi’s collect them from the cracks and pray over them again, then they burn them as a burnt offering to the Lord.

So your requests will receive another saturation of prayer.


Please fill out the form below, and I will ensure it will be placed in the cracks of the Western Wall. 

Jerry Golden

Prayer Wall Submission

Thanks! We’ll place your request in the Prayer Wall

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