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The Most Urgent Report I’ve Ever Sent Out

The world is hurting and heading into Jacob’s Trouble, the first 3.5 years of tribulations has began. Guess who the Devil is telling to kill first, you got it the Jews. Jews are always his first target it’s called anti-Semitism and it is stronger today than it was in the 30’s and 40’s. For those of us who know the importance of supporting Israel know time is running out.

This Ministry is all about saving Jewish lives and feeding hungry Jewish children. It’s no surprise that we are very high on the Devils hit list. In fact he knows his demise will come about here in Israel at the hand of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I could fill this report up with Scriptures backing that up but I am preaching to the choir who knows God’s Word as well.

In over 40 years of walking with God preaching and teaching His Word I have never seen the Devil so mad, he believe his only hope for his survival is to kill the Jews and destroy Israel, then prophecy could not be fulfilled without Israel and the Jews. The attacks on this ministry have come with attacks on my health and finances. As I’ve reported before many Ministries have had to pack up and leave Israel for lack of support. First it was Covid then the dollar being depreciated against the Shekel and inflation. People are frightened and scared as all the news is negative concerning the future. Then the Devil has been very successful in placing Biden in the Oval Office opening the US southern borders, lawlessness everywhere we look. The world knows who and who and what Joe Biden is yet the US Congress cannot stop him, why not? It’s also common knowledge that the Biden’s have been compromised by China but no one is seriously trying to stop him.

We are seeing the Prophecy of Ezk. 38-39 forming right before our eyes. Putin looks more like Gog the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal every day. The Scriptures say God will put a hook in Gog’s jaw and that is what we are witnessing in Ukraine.

Here in Israel we know all hell is about to break loose and at the same time European Jews and Jews around the world are trying to get home to Israel. I pray every day sometimes several times a day for God to open up the finances to this ministry, God knows we have not used the widow’s mite to buy a home real estate or anything, but have invested it in ministry of making preparations to rescue them in the coming days. Connie and I have lived on faith in God’s service for the 48 years of our marriage we know God love us as we love Him, and when I pray asking Him for guidance and encouragement what I hear is this. “All is well with your soul, pray for others.”

In Conclusion

We are 2.5 months late on our rent, we have rented this house for the past 17 years and the land lady is a friend but we can’t expect her to loose her rent money it’s her livelihood. Today we got a letter from the Government saying we owe $19,600 taxes on a boat we bought a few years back. So we have been making a few phone calls trying to prove to them we don’t owe the taxes, their reply was pay it or we will block your bank account and stop you from leaving Israel until you pay making it impossible for us to pay any of our monthly bills. It is obviously a spiritual attack on this ministry as the time to save and feed Jews is becoming more desperate every day. Our car broke down and needs to be replaced. Brother and sisters we are in need of prayer for only God through His people who are part of this ministry can we save this ministry.

So you see this is a very URGENT REPORT, Yeshua has always heard from me every day and lately several times daily. Now you know where we stand, you are part of those God has called to support Israel and the Jewish people through this ministry.

Pray for us please and if you know others who may want to support this ministry share this with them. Ask them to check out our new You Tube channel, it will bless them, or to look at our web site to Support this Ministry.

Gen. 12:3

And I will bless them that bless thee,(Israel) and curse him that curseth thee: (Israel) and in thee (Israel) shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Shalom, Jerry golden


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