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Shavua is week in Hebrew, and Shavu’ot means weeks or in this case 7 weeks, on the eve of the last day would be the beginning to the 50th day, from the second day of Passover “Pessah”. The second day of the Feast of Pessah was the Feast of First Fruits, on the Jewish calendar called “Omer”. The day our Messiah rose from the grave, it was the day of the Resurrection. It is also worth noting that the number fifty is the number for the Holy Spirit. So Yeshua said He would send the Holy Spirit, and He did it on the 50th day after His resurrection.

It is the second of the three Pilgrim festivals and it happens in Israel on the 6th of Sivan, (Jewish Calendar) this year on June 5th and everywhere but Israel for two days 5th and 6th. It has other names in Hebrew such as Hag Ha-Katzir meaning Harvest Festival. It was when the ingathering of barley crop ended and the season of wheat harvest began. But Yom Ha-Kikkurim (Day of First Fruits or Shavu’ot in the Jewish World, and Pentecost in the Christian World)

According to the Rabbis, this festival also commemorates the events at Sinai which traditionally occurred on the 6th of Sivan and have long overshadowed the original (agricultural) aspect of Shavu’ot. Therefore it is also called the giving of the Law (Torah)

Dairy products are generally eaten, and favorite dishes are cheesecakes and cheese pancakes. (Yiddish blintzes, pancakes) Here in Israel it is a state holiday, and a time for pilgrimage to Jerusalem. There is lots of dancing and folklore. Generally a very nice time to be in Israel.

Just thought you’d appreciate a little run down on this Biblical event in the Jewish world and should be part of the Christian world as well. In fact, there is much to learn about your Jewish roots.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry golden


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