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Learn to Survive an Attack! Colloidal Silver!

In Israel the Government has ordered every home to have a Bomb Shelter or a Safe Room. For every Israeli Citizen to have a Government issued (Free) Gas Mask, and the necessary antidotes for a Chemical attack. Small Children are given special mask, and infants are given cribs with plastic covers and air pumps with filters.

Now don’t be offended because I am only trying to make a point. What has your Government done for you? Nothing, that is what I thought, but does that mean you’re doomed? God forbid, there are lots of things you can do for yourself, but I think time is very short and if you don’t take this serious you could be in serious trouble. In fact, the survival of your wife/husband and family could well be at stake.

So I have decided to break away from my regular reports and offer you some advice. For years I taught disaster preparedness and I can offer you some sound advice. My first advice to you is not to take advice from everyone who has a computer and thinks they know everything because of the Internet. You have a computer so use it and research it yourself. Just remember everything you read on the web is not facts or truth, so be careful.

If you are a procrastinator now would be a good time to stop being one. This is very important, and if you love your family you will be doing some of the things you need to do so they will not suffer and die before your eyes. If that scares you, good, because you have never lived in a day more serious than the one you now live in. As a Believer you should not live in fear, but you should prepare for your family. In fact, a man who does not provide for his family is like that of an infidel.

One of the first things you need to do is begin making Colloidal Silver. And in this report I am going to tell you how to do that. In future reports I will address other things such as Chemical attacks, Nuclear attacks how to make an air filter. How to make a safe room in your home, how to clean the air in that room, provisions and supplies to survive. There will be lots of these reports but I will only send the future reports to a special list, of those who ask for it. So if you want more of these reports it will be necessary for you to respond to this one and ask to be on that list.

Making your own Colloidal Silver

The Items you need.

Maybe I should tell you how this works in your body. All known bacteria and viruses’ are killed by Colloidal Silver. In fact some 650 known bacteria’s are killed by Colloidal Silver. (You may want to research that yourself) But all these ugly little things in your body all have positive charges, as everything in your body works on a small amount of electric current. When you drink Colloidal Silver (which is a negitive charge) it is attracted to these positive charges in your body “the bad guys”. If the particles size is smaller than .05 micron’s your colloidal generator makes the particle size 100 to 1000 times smaller than .05 microns, that allows this Colloidal Silver to go straight to the positive charge wherever it may be inside of you.

Does this mean that Colloidal Silver is cure all? No, but it is very good for you and you will be singing its praises as do millions today when you begin using it. There are many collidal silver generator thata can be found on the internet, some3 are of course beter thanothers, but even the 3-9volt battery types will do a job for you, just don’t ever make it with anything other than good distilled water and pure silver 9.999. Do not ever add saline to improve the electircal conductivity. You can purchase both a home water distiller and silver generator at a reasonalbe price it may well save your life.

What Colloidal Silver does besides fight most of the problems you may have, it also boost your immune system allowing your body to do other things rather than fight sickness all the time.

I hope this is easy for your to understand, it is very important to me to help as many Believers as I possibly can, in order to increase your ability to be a witness in the coming days. God’s Spiritual Gifts are all service gifts, and we must all know that in the Eyes of God, we must be about serving one another. I pray that this effort has possibly saved some lives in the coming day.

We will be covering other things in the coming days. I like many have been shouting about what is about to happen, but some one needs to be shouting what to be doing about it.

If your relationship is not what it should be with God, that must be first, Yeshua “Jesus” is waiting for many who have been playing Church to come to Him. Many are going to fall away because of the false teaching of the past in the so-called Church, but there is time for all of us to repent of our sins and to ask God to cleanse us making us whole. The blood of Yeshua was shed for whosoever will come to Him in repentance and as a child asking Him to forgive them of their sins. Don’t allow pride and your position in life to send you to hell. Humble yourself before Holy God. I would love to see everyone survive this coming holocaust but to survive a few more days and spend eternity in hell isn’t much of an accomplishment is it?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for my son Joel in the IDF, for this Ministry and your part in it, and we are hurting.

Shana Tova and Shalom,

Jerry Golden


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