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Hezbollah is increasing their bombing of the northern border but still holding back on cutting loose with over a hundred thousand longer-range very accurate ones.

Hamas has surprised everyone and after nearly 7,000 rockets they are still shelling the south and even at Tel-Aviv and central Israel including Jerusalem. The ground offensive is still on hold and we know there are really two Gaza one underground where the Hamas fighters wait for the IDF to move in with tanks. But the IAF is hitting them really hard trying to reach as many as possible with the bunker-buster bombs.

Here in our home we constantly hear the explosions and the Iron Done taking most of them out above our heads. It is very difficult for our grandkids to stay in the house all the time and they also hear the TV reports of the war.

With the American aircraft carriers and battleships now sitting off our Med coast they stopped bombing our area for a few hours because Biden was here, they are crazy but not that crazy.

Our family is all well we still have food what we don’t have is a safe room or bomb shelter, and if or when the terrorists come into our Moshav, well that is another question to be dealt with later.

We were unable to deliver food to the families last week, not because we didn’t want to. Joel took the truck with him 10 days ago and we have no way to get the food to them with out a truck. The owner of our little store in the Moshav has a truck and will help us deliver food. It has been a terrible struggle trying to raise finances to feed the hungry Jewish children. But we certainly understand that many are struggling.

For my take of how this is going to unfold over the near future, keeping in mind this is my opinion and not prophesy.

Hezbollah and Iran will soon begin sending their very large and dangerous inventory of their large rockets at us, Our skies will be filled with them and for the civilian survival is the name of the game. America will begin their shelling of Lebanon and Iran and then the Third World War begins. Then comes Ezk 38.

One thing is certain our Internet will not be possible and no Cell Phones in the coming days. If you want to bless Israel through this Ministry now is the time. CLICK Here

May God send His Angels of protection around you and your family.

The TGR YouTube CLICK Here

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for your part in this Ministry we need you now.


Jerry Golden


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