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Israel at War

It has been a long and bloody Shabbat here in Israel. Hundreds killed, wounded, and kidnapped by Hamas Terrorists and there is no end in sight, in fact, the prediction is to get a lot worse in the coming days. Many of the sights we witness on TV News are too terrible to even send pictures. We are fighting a bloodthirsty Islamic enemy who loves death more than we love life.

We are seeing civilians being pulled out of their cars and beaten to death by hundreds of violently insane Palestinians. In many towns along the Gaza Border, everyone is locked down and wondering when the Terrorists will knock on their doors. The IDF has come to their rescue but for many way too late.

In our Moshave, we have stationed guards at our gates and are waiting for the terrorists to come. Our skies have been full of missiles and sirens all day with some hitting way too close to us.

Our son Joel has been called into active duty along with his soldiers and as usual putting his mother and I along with his wife Ola on a constant praying ground. Just trying to comfort our grandkids Eva and Jerry and keeping them from being traumatized.

The house we live in does not have a safe room or bomb shelter we are told to find a place in the center of the house and stay there, all around us are Arab neighborhoods making getting a good night's sleep difficult, to say the least.

It will be very difficult to continue supplying food for the over 100 we have been assisting over the past few years, but we will try our best for as many as possible. If you feel led to assist us at this time the quickest way to get support to us is to join us at

Shavua Tov,

Jerry Golden


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