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Healed, Strengthened and Ready for Battle!

This past February the doctor looked me straight in the eye and said if I didn’t allow him to remove my bladder I’d be dead before one year. He said I had a high-grade malignant cancer in a very advanced stage. That it was a time bomb and the only question was when it would go off spreading throughout my body.

I became very sick and knew the devil was trying to kill me, he had over the past few weeks attacked the ministry my health and finances. We were touching the Apple of God’s eye and he was furious over our success. But even more the Devil felt he had been called to war against us for we were about saving the lives of Jews. There is nothing on the face of this earth that is more important to the Devil than killing the Jews for he knows his demise will be in Jerusalem when the King of the Jews returns sending him to the pits of hell.

The prophetic Word of God says God will re-establish the Jews back on the land He had promised them before the end times. We have seen the budding of the fig tree a partial re-gathering in 1948 and we are about to see Jews once again running for their lives as anti-Semitism raises its ugly head throughout Europe and the world.

When I came home from the hospital with a death sentence passed over me by one of the leading doctors in Israel, I knew it was way past time to pray, I mean really pray. Two doctors who are friends of mine both advised me to get the operation if I wanted to live. But as I prayed it became obvious to me that God was telling me something completely different and I would not die if I trusted Him. I thought at first He would just heal me as He has in the past. Instead God spoke to me and said I have given you a body to take care of and you have treated it like a piece of trash, you have ate and drank all the wrong things, you don’t sleep right, now you want me to fix it. I have given you eternal life, not your body your body is your obligation to take care of. I will show you how for I have called you.

Within a few days I was completely swamped with information about cancer cures and believe me there are some quacks out there. But one thing started to come through to me, that the FDA and the Pharmaceutical companies have total control over the Medical Doctors more to the point the cancer Doctors. Unethical people at the expense of human life make trillions of dollars every year. For the most part a person with cancer is told he or she most have this or that operation, then they are told they must have Chemo or Radiation treatment that simply burns them to death from the inside out. Then they are told that the cancer is in remission. Then a few weeks or months later the cancer returns and they die because their immune system has been completely destroyed, in the mean time their family’s bank account has been completely depleted, the doctors and drug companies have taken all they can from the insurance company and then they raise your premium. And if you don’t think this is the plan you need to do some research for yourself.

There are a lot of different types of cancers and I am not saying there is one cure for all of them; no magic pill, and those who say such things are way off. But there are certain things all cancers have in common. On the top of that list is a weakened immune system.

For when God created the human body he placed an immune system in it too fight off diseases even cancer. In fact, the main battle when one has cancer is to build up their immune system fast enough to kill the cancer. It is a race, the immune system against the cancer. But when the doctors burn you cells up with chemo and radiation they destroy the immune system leaving the body defenseless, possibly destroying the tumor but the cancer is still there and comes back with a vengeance killing the patient. It’s like treating the symptom and not the cause.

Connie and I prayed asking God for guidance in our research to build my immune system fast enough to kill the cancer. It was absolutely amazing how quickly God put together a plan for us. But I must tell you at the beginning I was told that my first step was detoxification and it wouldn’t be easy. You see we have many free radicals in our bodies, we have drank water full of chlorine and other pollutants, have eaten food full of herbicides and pesticides, grown in soil that has been chemically fertilized and depleted for generations of the necessary minerals and vitamins.

We eat junk food like hamburgers that have meat raised with chemical plugs in the cow’s ears to force it to gain weight faster. Drinking cokes or other cold drinks full of sugar and other ingredients unhealthy for the body. But when we get cancer we ask God why, what have I done to deserve this?

So now I should tell you what I have done to fight this cancer, and I might add successfully, for it has been 10 months since I was told I would be dead before one year if I didn’t get the bladder removed. I am healthier now than when the doctor told me that, but I was very sick, possibly more from the aggressive detoxification than the cancer.

There are several ways and many products out there for detox, ACE’S is easy to remember, that is vitamins “A”, “C”, “E”, & Selenium at the proper dosages will detox you, there are sulfur drugs that will do it as well. But I used a products called CELLFOOD and when used aggressively it will do it very well.

I started out with 8 drops in 8 ounces of pure water (Mineral water) three times a day. Increasing it to 20 drops three times per day and stayed there until I was over the detoxification and believe you me, it did the job; in fact, I thought I was going to die from it. But I stayed at that level until I started to feel good again.

Then I dropped down to 14 drops three times a day and I am still at that level. After I am certain there is not a chance of a return of the cancer I will drop to 8 drops three times per day and stay there for ever. This is an amazing product for everyone to take it builds your immune system, putting oxygen at the cellular level in your body. In fact, to the best of my knowledge there is no other product out there that can do this. You can purchase it at tell them I sent you so I can get some credit. It is not expensive and you will be thanking me forever for telling you about it.

Cellfood is not the only thing I did, like I said I was fighting for my life and when you’re in such a battle you have to be as aggressive as possible. I also made sure I that I had the best Colloidal Silver that can be produced.

As I said before it is a war, the immune system against the cancer, so I didn’t stop with those two items I kept the research up until I was certain I had the right news, and the following is what I we came up with as a complete treatment to kill this cancer by making the body so strong that it would win the battle. The following is what I’ve taken daily and still take. In fact, I will continue until I am 100% certain the cancer has lost and I am strong enough to go forward with the Ministry given to me by God. You can find any of these products by the name I’ve given my running a search on the Internet

CELLFOOD start with 8 drops three times per day in 8 ounces of pure water or mineral, never use tap water if it has chlorine in it. In fact, don’t drink any water with chlorine in it.

Increase the drop until you get up to 20 drops three times per day. This should begin to detoxify you, in fact it may make you sick for about a week and if you have cancer or another disease possibly much longer, but keep at that level until you feel good again. Then go back to 8 drops three times per day and stay there forever.

  • CELLFOOD Multi-Vit. Ten spray in the mouth three times per day

  • CELLFOOD DNA/RNA 6 sprays under the tongue hold for 30 seconds then swallow.

  • Laetrile B-17 3 (500mg pills) 3X a day more if you can take it

  • PhytoBio Forte Super Plant Enzymes 1 pill 3X per day

  • Vit.–C 4 (1000mg pills) 3X per day

  • Co-Q-10 1(150 mg.pill) 3X per day

  • Calcium Magnesisu,zinc (combination pill) one pill 2X per day

  • MSM 3 (500mg pills) 3X per day

  • Alpha Blue Green Algae one bottle of the blue and one bottle of the green take only

  • when you are out of the food for life powder 3 pills of each 3X per day

  • MPS Gold 2 and ½ teaspoon together with

  • MPS Gold 3X 1 and ¼ teaspoon together with

  • Oat Beta Glucan ½ teaspoon in 8 oz. of juice pure juice no sugar or preservatives

  • Food for Life 2 Tablespoons in 8 0z juice again pure no sugar or preservatives

  • Plenty of Energy water ( there is a special pitcher you can buy to make the energy water with mineral not tap or distilled water)

  • Collodial Silver 1-2 liters per day only the highest grade also there is a machine you can purchase to make it yourself

Note: do not drink the Oxygen with collodail silver due to the different positive/ negative elements. Take them separate waiting a short while between.


NO sugar ever, nothing made of white flour, whole wheat and whole grain bread is good. NO coffee, No red meat of any kind. The only meat you can eat is fish and chicken, and even that has to be without preservatives such as lunchmeats. Lots of fruit, and veggies and the least you cook them the better. It’s important for a cancer patient to eat as much as he or she possibly can of the right foods, and some times the appetite just isn’t there. Today I’m strong enough to go forward with Ministry, in fact I feel great. The Devil is a liar and defeated dog, but when we open the door for attack by weakening our bodies to disease he will come in. God gave you a body to take care of, if you haven’t now is a very good time to begin.

Test Results

In my enthusiasm I forgot to tell of the results of a recent test. There is a new pathology urine test. They take the urine as usual but it takes them about two weeks to complete the test, most likely it has something to with doing a culture on it. But mine came back with no cancer cells in my urine. For bladder cancer that is more than a good news it is great news.

Shalom, jerry golden


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