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Boat Report and Vision

The new boat is in the process of having the teak deck replaced, we discovered that the under structure had to be reinforced and new marine Plywood laid before laying the teak over it. This has proven to be much more costly than we thought. The radar as we already knew needs to be replaced and the SSB is not working but my be able to be repaired, the safety equipment is old and not something we’d want to risk lives at sea with and must be replaced. The hull integrity is in great condition as are both motors and generator. As much as the above will cost we still will come out with a great deal on this boat and it should be ready for operations within the next couple of months.

This new boat gives us the capability of making a trip to Turkey or Cyprus and back in the same day, where our sailing boat would take up to three days one way. It is not what we really would like to have but what we are able to afford at this time and we feel time is of the utmost importance.

My vision is to have a boat that has the capability of sailing at a fare speed and with the ability to motor at over 20 knots in open seas. One that we could bring volunteers from the US, Europe and elsewhere to be crew, where we could offer many ministries assistance in the Eastern Mediterranean and stay ready for the rescue of Jews when the mass Aliyah begins from Europe. Those who come as volunteer as crew would have an adventure of a life time and the most unforgettable vacation they ever had. The operating cost would be mostly mooring and maintenance as the crew would always be volunteers with the exception of a Captain and First Mate. The one major problem to reaching this vision is not news as it is the same problem we had to reach for our first and second boat it is just a lot larger step on faith. I am praying for such faith as I know such a faith would be a gift from God and only He could cause it to happen. I am also praying that God will speak into the spirit of those who He would to give them the faith to join with me in this vision.

Below is a picture sent to me, it is not a boat I am presently in negotiating for but one like this is just what we really need and could open up so many wonderful ministries. There many of these used boats on the market in Turkey as well as Europe they cost in the neighborhood of one to two million-up. I have prayed many hours over sending this report out, knowing it is a giant step on faith, but it is the obvious next step for this Ministry. When I consider the difficulty in raising the money needed to buy what we now have and then to think we can raise a million dollars is no small step on faith. In fact it takes supernatural faith that only comes by way of the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit)

This is a boat that could carry a large number of people, keep on it a fare number of volunteer crew and cause the interest we so desperately need for this Ministry. Will you pray with me for such a faith? Would you be interested in spending a month or so each year on a boat like this doing the Lord’s work in the Eastern Mediterranean?

What I need you to do besides praying about your largest gift possible in order to get us started towards the fulfillment of this vision that could save many Jewish lives as well as be a constant blessing to many Believers in the mean time as they come to spend a few weeks or a month onboard. I am going to ask you to print as many of this report as you need to give to as many Believers as you can. To ask them to join with us in blessing the Apple of God’s eye. You can direct them to our web site for more information. For those getting this email you can forward it to as many as you possibly can, for if we are to raise this kind of money to move this ministry to the next level it will take many of God’s people to make it a reality. But above all else I am asking you to stop what you’re doing and pray, asking God what He would have you to do in regards to this Ministry.

There is also a boat made in Turkey called a Gulet, if we had one between 24 to 30 meters we would have more than doubled our possiblity of rescuing Jews. You can do your own search and discover the prices. I’ve been aboard dozens of these Gulets and know that a used one fit for open sea would cost in the neighborhoon of $400,000, below is a picture of one such Gullet that I have looked at ove the past year or so.

It is my belief that we have precious little time as the world is on a self destruction course and anti-Semitism in Europe and world wide is on the rise.

I started out to write an article on what is happening in Israel and the Ruach Ha Koddesh stopped me and told me to write about this vision. For God’s Word says that His people perish for lack of knowledge, and many of His people will certainly perish “again” if the knowledge of this and other ministries isn’t known among His people.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it. For those reading this who don’t know how to donate to this Ministry I offer the below information.

The best way at this time is by personal check and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about the check you can register the letter. You can send Personal Checks, or Bank Checks by airmail or registered mail. Money orders are also okay, with the exception of US Postal Money Orders they are not good out side of the US.

All checks and money orders can be sent to: Jerry Golden PO Box 10268 Jerusalem 91102 Israel


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