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360º Upper Room, Last Supper and Pentecost

This is a 360-degree video you can view from any angle. The Upper Room is where Jesus held the Last Supper and the location of the day of Pentecost. We hope that seeing this place in this unique format that allows you to be in the room with us, will Bless you as much as it Blesses us to make it for you.

If you missed the Upper Room video in that we went into an in-depth exploration of Biblical history, you can find it on the website or our YouTube Channel. This unique technology allows you to view this walk through the Old City and the Upper Room from whatever angle you choose. If you are watching on your phone then all you need to do is turn the phone as you watch to see exactly what you want. If you are on a computer then there will be arrows on the top left portion of the video you can click to change the angle.

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